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All our ingredients are handpicked by us and prepared with love and passion to bring you a traditional Argentine meal. With each bite, flavors will explode in your mouth keeping you wanting more.

Price: $2.50/Empanada
We also have Chimichurri dipping sauce: $1.50

  1. Ham & Cheese
    Ham & Cheese
    A blend of cheese with ham.
  2. Classic Meat
    Classic Meat
    Ground beef, onions, red pepper, garlic, egg, olives, green onions, and a variety of seasonings.
  3. Humita (Corn and Bechamel)
    Humita (Corn and Bechamel)
    Sweet corn, bechamel sauce, red peppers, onions, garlic and spices.
  4. Grilled Chicken
    Grilled Chicken
    Grilled chicken, tomato, red pepper, onion, eggs, and spices.
  5. Spinach & Cheese
    Spinach & Cheese
    Creamy spinach, bechamel, and a variety of cheeses.
  6. Onion & Cheese
    Onion & Cheese
    Caramelized onions, a blend of five cheeses, and fresh herbs and spices.
  7. Chimichurri Dipping Sauce
    Chimichurri Dipping Sauce
    This delicious dipping sauce is prepared days in advance to infuse olive oil with fresh herbs, onion and garlic.
  8. Mushroom & Cheese
    Mushroom & Cheese
    Sautéed white mushroom and green onion with spices and a blend of five cheeses.